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TINTCOM LTD imports and sales high quality american automotive window tint / window film from the companies Solar Gard and Johnson Window Films.

We can cut window tint for 90% of the car models in the world:

 - Front sides (plus the small)

 - Rear side windows (plus the quarter ones if the car has this type of windows)

 - Rear windows

 - Sunstrips


Solar Gard - series NR Smoke Plus (classic smoke grey)

Solar Gard's - NR Smoke Plus /classic smoke grey/ series is an automotive window tint that offers  classic looks for great price. The NR Smoke Plus series won't interfere with your GPS, satellite radio or the reception of your mobile phone. The window film from the NR Smoke series offers UV protection, it will protect your interior from fading and ease the job of the air conditioner in the hot days. Durability of the colour 5 years.
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Solar Gard® Supreme: Performance Series

Following the Solar Gard tradition of superior quality for great price, the new Supreme series give you enhanced driving comfort, you can choose one of the five shades to customize the appearance of your car. Blocking more than 99% of ultraviolet light, you will be assured maximum protection against harmful UV rays. In addition you'll be happy to learn that the Supreme serie is leading the industry in the section for clarity of the window film, which contributes to safe driving. 10 years of colour durability.
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Jonson Window Films - series Ray Guard Charcoal

Whether it's your first car, multifunction pickup or your family van, Ray Guard from Johnson Window Films provides you double package of great looks and great utility. The Ray Guard Series absorbs the light and offers effective solar and UV protection, provides a protective layer for the interior of your car. Many of today's cars are equipped with an antenna on the rear window, GPS and satelite systems, the structure of the tint film Ray Guard s not absorbing and therefore does not interfere with this type of electronic systems. The Ray Guard serie comes in five shades of charcoal from which you can choose. Ray Guard will give your car a great look and style.
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Johnson Window Films - series Marathon Universal Black

Premium color, first-class performance and endurance. That is what you get when you select the automotive window film Marathon „universal black" from Johnson Window Films company. Marathon series have achieved the perfect combination of vision and solar performance, so you can enjoy the pleasure of driving for many years.
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